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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Creative Juices!

My Craftsy Wishlist:

  1. Sewing Fashion Knits
  2. Sewing Texture Class
  3. Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine
My love of sewing on knits is because of the built in ease so fitting can be fudged just a little, unlike with wovens which really need accurate cutting and stitching.  there are also so many choices with knit fabrics.  When I took Sewing With Knits class, it was like an appetizer leaving me wanting to sew more with this yummy fabric.  The 1st class on my wish list will be so fun!  Join me!

I am always intrigued by the many different fabric manipulations available and when I take the 2nd class on my wish list, I will undoubtedly build my design repertoire.

Third but definitely on the top of my list is going to help me finish a quilt that I started over a year ago!  I took an "in-person" beginning quilting class a one of my local shops and had a ball.  I decided to make a quilt with a chicken theme...since I am the proud owner of a flock of 8 girls.  I really don't want to pay someone if I don't have to and think that the sense of accomplishment will be so worth it to quilt on my own.  And by the way...I am not a hand-quilter.  The quicker the better :)

Join the craftsy community with me and the many won't regret it, I promise!

~Happy creating!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fabric: So many choices!

Short post today, to share a really cool way to look at fabric choices...graph like.

While browsing Pinterest, I found this helpful chart for all of you science minded sewists.  I love that both science and creativity can combine.  It used to be thought that both were opposing functions in the brain and couldn't be used together. But alas, we are finally thinking outside our old boxes.  Hope you can use this, it is from the Coletterie, she is an amazing designer and teacher through her blog.
~Take care and Happy Sunday!
Geni M

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pretty Panties

Buying panties can be why not make your own. It takes about 5 minutes from cutting your fabric to clipping your threads.  Actually 5 additional minutes to print, put together and cut you pattern too.

Using stretch lace, a jersey cotton scrap and regular thread...they are rather inexpensive.  I found a really easy free pattern from Deby at So Sew Easy.

Finding stretch lace trim in my local fabric store is next to impossible, so I found a supplier online (isn't the Internet awesome?!).  Deb's Lace & Trims has a HUGE selection of the lace you need (make sure it is the stretch kind). Her prices are very reasonable and she is FAST on getting it to you so you don't have to bite your fingernails waiting to start your panties.  She sells in 5 or 15 yard mini-bolts; this may sound like a lot, but you will definitely want to make as many panties as you can because they are so easy and quick AND comfy.  I received my 5-yard bolt and it resulted in 4 panties (2-small and 2-medium).

Here are the instructions, although you can find pictures and how to at So Sew Easy as well.

  1. Print your free pantie pattern and put together your pattern. Then cut out the size you are using. Note: I found that even though my hip measurements resulted in the medium sized pantie, the small fit much better.
  2. Cut out your 2 pieces of lace.
  3. Cut out your 1 piece of cotton jersey for the liner.  Note:  I used a double layer of jersey for extra breath ability and comfort. I serged the side edges with woolly nylon for softness.
  4. Sew the front and back center seams (the curved edges) using an overcast stitch or a serger.  If you have an overcasting foot, it is superb for getting a nice narrow finished seam for the lace. This is not necessary though, you can use a stretch stitch or zigzag as well.
  5. Line up the center front and back seams at the crotch and sew.
  6. Pin the liner centered over the crotch seam and stitch using the triple stretch or zigzag stitch along each side.  You can also stitch all edges, but I found that it looks better just stitching down each side.  RTW panties often leave the front and back edge open.
  7. Clip all of your threads and you are done.  

Wear in comfort and good health!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Online Sourcing for Handbag Hardware!

I have spent countless hours trying to find good online sources for quality handbag hardware.  It is not easy, let me tell you! The junk in the local fabric stores is just that...JUNK.

Here is a working list of sites.  I have not ordered from all of them, but think I will at some point.

Hardware Elf -

Emmaline Bags - Canadian Company

Pacific Trimmings -  Excellent variety!  I have ordered from here and the shipping is very reasonable. UPDATE: I received my order within 3 days of ordering and everything was of excellent quality...I highly recommend this supplier!

Purse Supply Depot - Purse Supply Depot I have also ordered from here..still waiting for my order.  UPDATE:  I received my order also within 3 days of ordering...quick!

I will update this list as I find more.  Happy hardware ordering!