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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sewing and Stitchery Expo 2013!

I spent the ENTIRE day at the expo today...and I am pooped.  I was able to acquire some luscious fabric for my jacket.  It is a reversible woven that is a light coat weight. The colors are mainly black and white...sounds boring but it is gorgeous!  Since it is unlined, I am going to finish the seams with bias binding made from a luxurious 100% silk print that I also picked up at the vogue fabrics booth.  The prices were absolutely amazing for both; $10 for 2 1/2 yds of the main fabric and $9.99 for the silk...WOW!!

I had to stop by the Clover USA booth because a friend of mine told me to find his Mom... the amazing Fran Ortmeyer and introduce myself.  It is such a small world.  She was delightful, just as her son described...jolly with a huge heart.  She showed me some of their really cool thingies.  I also got some wonder have to get some...they are "wonder"-full.  They work like pins without adding the poke-factor and holes to boot if you are using something like leather or vinyl.

Jumbo Wonder Clips...every sewist needs some!

Kanzashi Flower Maker...asstd sizes
Clamshell Accessory Pouch...asstd sizes
French Knitter...for making really cool beaded jewelry.
These are just a few of the super cool Clover products that I came home with, Fran was so much fun to talk with about these things. Clover is lucky to have her representing them and their fine products.

Speaking of which...I took a lecture type class with Cheryl Kuczek, owner of Paradiso Designs; Designer Handbag Making.  I learned a lot about interfacing and use of underlining with muslin for a more professional finished look.  She was selling the pleather that she uses for her bags as well as patterns, which of course I had to indulge just a little.  I will be making a designer handbag while taking Design Your Own Handbag on with Brett Bara (CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE).  I found some exquisite metallic coated fabric at the Pacific Fabrics booth that will be perfect!  Now all I need is the lining and all the hardware to complete the bundle so I can get to the construction.

One last thing, remember my custom jeans?  I have decided that I want to use my pattern and taper the legs, for some skinny jeans.  Guess what...I found some awesome denim at the Vogue Fabrics booth and couldn't pass it up at only $6.99/yd.  It is an excellent weight and 97% cotton 3% Lycra, which is exactly what I want for these jeans to be comfy.  The super cool thing about this denim is that I can use either side as the front!  It is black with brownish gold crosshatch weave.  I already am thinking about some designer touches like using the brown side as the front for the main body pieces while flipping to the black side facing for the back yoke and pockets.  What do you think?

I will definately be posting pictures of all my fabric after my eyes stop blearing for fatigue.

Thanks for sharing my excitement...gotta get going...I am tired and need to rest up for day #2 at the expo.

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