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Monday, February 18, 2013

Easy Green

With my blog reading today I came across this easy way to earn a couple bucks. Click here if you want to start getting money back for you usual online purchases! works.  Before signing up, I looked at the online stores listed and noticed that was one of them, so how could I go wrong!  Right!  So I signed up for Ebates.  It literally took 10 seconds to sign up using my email address.  They were offering a $10 gift card to a few different popular stores for making a purchase of ..get this.. $25 by the end of May.  Once signed up, I realized that I had a $50 gift card to REI from my brother at Christmas and found they were on the list for ebates as well.  I needed (yes really) some more fabric and thus made a purchase at as well.  Now I have approximately $13 coming to me...this is tax AND shipping, how cool is that!

So click the link right here Ebates  to sign up and hurry.

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